Garden "Views" Blog

At Garden View, we are committed to every aspect of our resident’s lives. It is a pleasure to provide unsurpassable care each and every day. We have nearly 70 amazing residents and staff members under our roof, enjoying meals and activities on any given day.
We have become a family. To strengthen the relationship, we wanted to create a platform to enable us to share with each other in a broader way.
This will be a place accessible to all, running 24 hours a day. It is a platform to share thoughts, ideas, and opinions; our very own Garden View family diary. It will be called Garden “VIEWS”, and will be presented in blog format easily located on our website. The staff and management will start the blog in February of 2021, and we invite everyone from residents, family members of residents, to staff members to participate. Send in your story ideas, profiles of residents, interesting information, or even your favorite recipe.

Our promise is that if you read and interact with the “VIEWS” blog, you will learn something and teach something. The journey begins soon.