Garden View Setting the Standard in Covid-19 Response

Garden View Assisted Living set the standard of care in its response to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.  On March 12, 2020 before federal guidelines were set, Garden View restricted access to its facilities, allowing only medically necessary visits.  Sanitation stations were positioned at each entrance, and each person entering was checked to monitor their temperatures and oxygen levels.  Infection control procedures were increased with continual hard surface sanitation and masks were mandated for all staff.  Garden View provided washable face masks for each employee; the masks were sanitized after each shift and repackaged for the employee.  Staff members were provided PPE not only for themselves, but for their families as well, in the effort to protect the entire Garden View community.

Extreme contagion control procedures were put into place even before the many grasped the severity of the pandemic.  Meals were served in the residences.  Group activities were cancelled.  Hardest on everyone was the restriction on family visits.  Our residents are the most at-risk population for covid-19 and the management of Garden View was determined to keep them safe.  We were determined to find a way, however, to keep their feelings of seclusion to a minimum.

March 20—We established socially distanced visitations.  Window visits allowed families to stay in touch and Skype calls were set up to allow the all-important face to face visits with friends and families.  This and Facetime calls also allowed for personal medical visits with health care providers.

April 8—The first of the area’s “Parking Lot Parades” allowed residents and their families to see and speak to one another from a safe distance.  Balloons, banners and music brought much needed entertainment to families, residents and staff alike.  TV coverage of these parades led to other area facilities following suit.

April 20—Admission policies were established to cover residents returning from hospital visits.  Policies were designed for new residents coming into Assisted Living and to Memory Care, whether coming from home as new residents or moving from other assisted living facilities. Any new resident who had previously tested as Covid positive had special entry requirements.

May 15—The Dining Areas were reopened, while adhering to CDC safe distancing protocols.

June 11—Socially distanced visitation areas were opened for scheduled visits for adult family members.

July 23—One positive Covid-19 case was identified at Garden View of Lafayette.  Quarantine measures were put into place for that individual who remained asymptomatic.

October 1—Garden View began to permit residents to have family members visit in their apartments.  Only two adult family members were allowed during these scheduled appointments and masks were required.

November 18—A regional spike in Covid cases causes Garden View to temporarily suspend apartment visits.

November 20—Socially distanced visitations begin again.

January 23, 2021- February 9,2021 —Tensions begin to ease as the first round of vaccinations are given at all three locations.


Lafayette–One resident tested positive but remained well and no medical treatment was necessary.  Contact was traced to a visit by a medical provider.

New Iberia—Again, the one resident who tested positive remained well.  Contact was traced to an inpatient Geriatric Psych visit.

Baton Rouge—Two residents tested positive over this time period.  One was hospitalized due to high risk and other health concerns.

Time to Celebrate!

At the beginning of March, Garden View in New Iberia completed its two-week waiting period following the second vaccinations and once again opened for family visits in the residential apartments.

On March 12, the New Iberia location will celebrate this milestone with a courtyard party and balloon release.

Lafayette will have completed their waiting period on March 17 will also open again for family visits in the residences.  A party will be held March 24, celebrating the end of most covid restrictions.

March 23 marks the reopening of the doors in Baton Rouge, with families allowed to visit the residents in their apartments and will celebrate on March 26, happy to end most of their covid restrictions. 

Our mission was to keep residents safe and secure.  This success depended on procedures and the vigilant care of our staff.  A family member whose mother had recently passed, summed things up.  “Mom was at Garden View for over 10 years.  Given her medical condition, I cannot imagine a better living arrangement for her.  Garden View handled the balance between Covid and allowing us to visit our mom, perfectly.  I truly appreciate you calling me personally to assure our access to her in her final days.  Thanks for everything Garden View has done.”

The future is bright at Garden View.  We look forward to enjoying it with you and your family.